Danica (@drdanicathornberry) founded Well Women Acupuncture in Los Angeles in 2001. She merged her research background and fertility acupuncture to complete a Doctorate in Womenโ€™s Reproductive Medicine, confirming the efficacy of her proprietary online fertility masterclass, In the study, The Seed Fertility Program served as a clinical intervention for women undergoing IVF that resulted in a statistically relevant increased number of normal embryos (80% more than pre-intervention) and live birth rates (30% of intervention participants achieved a full-term pregnancy despite 2 years of failed attempts).

She has had phenomenal success helping thousands of women reach their individual goals and has contributed to the births of over 2000 healthy babies, many conceived against big odds.

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Women’s Health & Pain Management

Kristi (@kristi_swicegood_acupuncture) received her Master’s degree in 2004 from Emperor’s College of Traditional Oriental Medicine and began focusing specifically on orthopedic care, sports medicine and chronic pain. She quickly realized an underlying emotional component lies at the root of chronic pain and complex physical ailments.

While doing acupuncture at a fertility clinic in Los Angeles, she made the connection between the heartache of trying to conceive and the spiritual journey women take to reach their babies. That began her transition into women’s health and transformed her journey as a practitioner.

She enjoys working alongside some of the most distinguished women’s health practitioners to provide support for natural conception, IUI, and IVF, as well as pregnancy, postpartum, and issues related to peri-menopause and motherhood.

Kristi uses acupuncture, cupping, herbal medicine, and lifestyle counseling to restore balance, prevent disease, relieve pain, and increase a woman’s sense of well-being.

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